Curtains Dry Cleaning at lowest Price in Hyderabad

Curtains Dry Cleaning lowest Price in Hyderabad
Curtains Dry Cleaning Near to You

The texture and the shine of curtains seem to fade off easily if is home washed or given for Laundry. dhobibeta dry cleaning is ideal as it renews the curtain itself without causing any fade or shrinkage. dhobibeta is the expert when it comes to dry-cleaning in Hyderabad. We have the fully equipped plant and best cleaning solution in the industry. We dry clean your curtains and restore the original beauty of it.

How Curtains Dry Cleaning works:

  • We arrive based on your convenient time.
  • We uninstall curtains by our technicians
  • We count curtains and generates a pickup receipt
  • Curtains are sent to our plant for processing.
  • Super clean curtains are professionally packed & delivered.
  • We install curtains as before

Delivery takes 3-4 days

Curtains Dry cleaning Prices

  • Curtains with blackout - ₹249/ Kg
  • Roman Blinds - ₹249 / Kg
  • Raw Silk Curtains - ₹299 / Kg
  • Designer Curtains with Work - ₹299 / Kg
  • Sheer Curtains - ₹299 / Kg
  • Plain Curtain without Blackout - ₹229 / Kg
  • ₹8/- per Square feet single Layer Curtains
  • ₹12/- per Square feet Double Layer Curtains

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